Welcome To Paws Animal Sanctuary (Findon)

Here in Findon, West Sussex, just north of Worthing is a sanctuary, that is home to over 100 animals at any one time. Situated at  Stacey's home in Findon Village, the Sanctuary is run by Stacey.  
Due to Covid the Sanctuary is currently closed to the public until further notice.
Although we are still rescuing and rehoming animals.
           Registered Charity No. 1096231
Donkey and Pony
The Sanctuary is always busy and every morning has a host of  volunteers helping to feed, exercise, groom, cuddle, walk  
and care for the animals awaiting new homes.
Paws also has many permanent residents that are to old or infirm to be rehomed, so will live out their lives here with us. 
  Tel: 01903 872734                                        

For more details message Stacey McSpirit | Facebook 
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